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Is there an issue in this area about Attraction and Retention of specialised (well-paid) Jobs and Talent?

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I received an email last week from a man who I’d paid to produce a company video a couple of years ago. He describes his specialities as: Branding & Identity; Communications & Marketing; Product Development Strategy; Post-Production Technology; 4K, 2K & HD Post Production; Web Media and Television.
He told me he had given up on this area for work although he still lives in South Herefordshire. Intrigued, I asked him to summarise why with such talent he wasn’t able to find a market for his services.
Here is his reply: “Not sure I could write it in a single paragraph. It boils down to different market conditions between The Marches and major business centres. The Marches seems to be far more focussed on price rather than quality, so there is little demand for high value, high price services. I could drop my prices to below half what I charge elsewhere and still not get a sniff. Indeed, there is a really strong demand for ‘free’. This is fine but gets galling when it never translates into paid.

I went to a tradeshow in Amsterdam last September, as a favour to Dolby. I came back with two job offers, one of which I have taken as worldwide Director of Product Management for a leading provider of production tools in film and television. 4 days (well paid) and two job offers versus 2 years and frankly bugger all ‘at home’, for someone of my background and skills. I am not saying that businesses in The Marches are wrong, just that their model and my skills and experience don’t seem to match.”

As a Recruiter working in South Shropshire I am always fascinated by the relationship between pay, conditions, job opportunities and business success and I would love to hear whether business people and companies feel held back by lack of talented individuals or finding a local market for their services.


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Working Solutions is run by Julia Hughes and was set up in 1995 to offer recruitment solutions to local businesses. Since then we have added a range of services including training and business consultancy.

One thought on “Is there an issue in this area about Attraction and Retention of specialised (well-paid) Jobs and Talent?

  1. I am currently opperating as a freelance designer in central London and would say that client fee expectations are just as low here as elsewhere in the country. I think it is more a sign of the times than geographic location.

    I was recently asked to create a rebrand and packaging design by an existing client who offered to pay me in magnetic arthritis bracelets from his other import business…I obviously declined.

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